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making a difference

At therefore we design to make a difference, by identifying and solving important problems. We believe that design should fundamentally create a better world, by making things more human, more useable and more understandable. Founded in 1993, our clients range from startups with a good idea, through pioneering specialists to market leading brands.

accelerating technology adoption

We work with companies to overcome obstacles, identify new opportunities, and make a meaningful impact. By taking design from the periphery to the core of their businesses, we have helped many of our clients become leaders in their field. Standing still is the fastest way backwards in a rapidly changing world, and our exposure to emerging technologies makes us responsible for bringing a better future in to focus. By giving an idea form and refining it we can bring an abstract concept to life. We truly relish this challenge.

from ideas to reality

Because the majority of the projects we work on become real, we look at projects holistically and use our combined wisdom and experience to find workable solutions. We keep one foot firmly on the ground and never shy away from our responsibility to implement our ideas and make them a reality. As a small and inquisitive team, we become intimately connected with what we are building and the people we are designing for. We believe that people work better together, and collaboration, conversations (and coffee!) are the fuel that drives us.

problem solve and prototype

At the heart of our process is problem solving. Our iterative approach often involves making large numbers of physical and digital prototypes. Our workshop, like the rest of the studio is a playground of ideas and experimentation, allowing designers and engineers to quickly prototype and test ideas in three dimensions alongside our team of world class model makers.

All projects are unique; every new client and their needs are different and we tailor our approach to meet these requirements.

Some longer term clients are more responsive to a proactive relationship as knowledge of their market enables us to self-generate potentially compatible concepts off-line.

We’ve also become the client and built our own successful businesses from the ground up. Some of these have been crowdfunded.

thereforecast draws on our considerable experience designing products, merged with our research and trends expertise. As part of this we produce monthly market intelligence reports.

decades of making a difference

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