Antler Atom

A new level in luggage technology

Antler Atom


Antler are a proud British company that have been making well designed, high quality luggage for over 100 years. Since the brand was founded in 1914, Antler has won the trust of millions of consumers around the world due to the quality of its products. They have remained at the forefront of the industry thanks to a passion for craftsmanship and innovation.

In one project for Antler, therefore were tasked to develop an iconic piece of luggage that was entirely designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, this was The Atom Range.

The Atom design utilises an innovative woven polypropylene thermoforming technology. therefore were asked to deliver a contemporary aesthetic with high impact strength whilst visually communicating this new technology. We worked closely with the British manufacturers to achieve a piece of luggage that was strong and lightweight.

The team developed multiple textures and over many prototypes enhanced the weight to strength ratio, making a remarkably light yet incredibly durable suitcase.

From concepts through to production liaison of all the sizes of suitcase, therefore worked effectively with Antler to produce the eye catching suitcase range that stands out from the competition.

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Image showing an overview of Antler Atom