Emotech Olly Robot

Holistic design and development

Emotech Olly


Emotech approached us in 2016 to work on Olly, their robot with personality. We worked closely with the Emotech team on the holistic development of Olly, from design to detailed engineering, electronics development, UI/UX development, video production and packaging.

Olly was a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in four categories, a first for any start-up product.

  • CES - Smart Home
  • CES - Drones & Unmanned Systems
  • CES - Home Appliances
  • CES - Home Audio-Video Accessories
Image showing an overview of Emotech Olly

Olly is a ‘domestic’ robot with personality. It uniquely recognises human presence by detecting facial expressions, emotions and actions. Empowered by brain-inspired AI Olly adapts its character to complement and proactively support users’ needs. Dual cameras and sensing algorithms provide an advanced perception capability in a compact and charming ergonomic form, which is lightweight and easy to carry. Olly’s integrated 3D surround sound, a complex array of microphones and a dynamic LED cluster enables it to respond with an engaging range of emotions through light, movement and audio output.