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Planet Computers Gemini


Gemini was launched 25 years after Martin Riddiford, co-founder of therefore, designed the first clamshell PDA and 20 years after therefore designed the Psion Series 5. Martin had played with the idea of breathing new life into the PDA several times over the years but it needed Planet Computer and Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogul’s enthusiasm for such a venture to convince him it was time to do it for real!

We knew that the Gemini would need to compete with high end smartphones, so the start point was how to squeeze a real, tactile keyboard into the thinnest package – luckily we have tackled this type of challenge many times before at therefore! After exploring other options the solution was reached by putting a large, flat battery under the keyboard, all components were mounted to a single sided PCB to minimise the width. We hatched an audacious plan to squash the keys when the device was shut, saving 1.4mm in thickness. This is done with magnets on the corners which compress the keys and hold the lid and keyboard frame together.

Gemini features a sleek metal clamshell design that is perfectly balanced for typing when open and beautifully tucks away the palm-sized QWERTY keyboard and screen when closed. It fits into a pocket, roughly the same size as most of today’s mobile phones. When open, the innovative clamshell also acts as a support of the device. The ultra-wide 5.7″” hi-res screen provides ample space for creating on the go. The fully tactile keyboard is recognised as the world’s best yet smallest full-sized keyboard for finger touch typing.

Gemini was successfully funded via Indigogo at the beginning of 2017, raising $2,224,368, 284% of it’s target.

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