Pressure putt trainer




We have a keen set of golfers here in our Scala Street studio, and PuttOUT was a product made by the golfers of therefore, for the golfers all around the world!

As well as acting as a more pleasing to the eye ball returner, saving bending and picking the ball out of the hole, PuttOUT offers the next best thing to practicing on a real green. A ball that rolls over the white disc (representing the size of a regulation hole) and up the ramp would be a “made” putt, and would have fallen into the hole. Any putt that does not return to the player would have been a “missed”” putt. The distance the ball returns to the player is the distance the ball would have traveled past the hole had it missed, giving the player immediate feedback when practicing pace putting.

Knowing the market as our experts do, we wanted to add an extra element to the product to keep practicing short putts from becoming tedious and mundane, so we introduced an extra special piece to the design: a micro-target. Any ball that rolls up the ramp with the perfect line and perfect pace will fall and stick in the micro-target half way up the ramp, achieving what has now been dubbed “The Perfect Putt”.

From original concept to sourcing manufacturers, to becoming a bestseller in its category and an “Amazon’s Choice” product in just six months of release, PuttOUT is truly a therefore venture through and through.

PuttOut by therefore