Samsonite S’Cure

Ongoing range development



S’cure is our latest luggage range for the Samsonite brand. The key priority was to develop the lightest possible injection moulded range while maintaining the strength and security associated with this type of luggage and with the 3 point latch system.  This required extensive analysis of materials, flow properties and the impact of form on strength. The efficiency of the design for manufacture means that this range can be produced in Samsonite’s Belgian factory.

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Image showing an overview of Samsonite

therefore’s relationship with Samsonite started in 2001 when Richard Miles joined the company and merged his previous company, FM Design with therefore. His relationship with Samsonite has been an exceptionally long one and the first major luggage range he developed was the Oyster range which came to market in 1986 and played a major part in Samsonite’s (originally an American company) success in Europe. The key design breakthrough was the three latch system which allowed the case to be made without the need for an aluminium frame, reducing cost and weight. Since then we have designed all of Samsonite’s three latch injection moulded ranges, as well as many other products including softside ranges, casual bags and accessories.