Adventurer GPS outdoor watch

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TomTom Adventurer


TomTom Adventurer is a multi-functional GPS watch designed for the great outdoors. Built upon the popular Spark modular platform, the tough Adventurer has all of the fitness watch’s top features: water resistant to 5ATM (40m), wireless music via Bluetooth, 24/7 activities tracking and more, including barometer, electronic compass and extended battery life. It also has a plethora of outdoor sports modes for snow sports, mountain biking and trail running.

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TomTom Adventurer by therefore

therefore has been TomTom’s product design partner from the very beginning, designing the world’s first all-in-one Personal Navigation Device (PND) for the Dutch telematics giant. Not resting on our laurels, we have been helping them create and launch one pioneering products after another over the past 13 years.

The last (but not least) model of the GPS range based on the Spark modular platform, the Adventurer encompasses all the technology and features we can pack into one unit. We designed the watch with usability and efficiency in mind, resulting in a well-defined and economical offering especially when compared against most competitor products at over £300! The watch is the embodiment of all you would want in an outdoor fitness tracking wearable: lightweight, compact yet tough and loaded with sensors and modes to track those fitness metrics.

We decided from early on that the watch module, already a tough little unit with an engineering polymer body and Gorilla glass, deserves extra protection from scratches and impact when in the great outdoors. During the development phase we also experimented with various strap configurations and options in order to maximise comfort, sweat management and flexibility – exploring everything from traditional NATO and ZULU straps to specialist nylon-elastomer hybrids. The final design was a finely-balanced offering with a robust bezel frame that houses the module, and strong yet comfortable silicone-alloy elastomer straps to ensure a secure fit. The straps come in stealthy black and in-your-face hi-vis orange – for those who really want to be seen.