Golfer 2 GPS golf watch

'Drive your game to the next level'

TomTom Golfer 2


The Golfer 2, a sleeker and slimmer design based off the Spark modular platform, was designed to replace the 1st generation Golfer. This water resistant (5ATM, 40m) watch, with its restrained aesthetics, aims to be an all-day wearable and not just for use on the golf course. A lightweight strap incorporating a deployant clasp provides added comfort and wrist adjustment for a no-slide fit.

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TomTom Golfer 2 by therefore

therefore has been TomTom’s product design partner from the very beginning, designing the world’s first all-in-one Personal Navigation Device (PND) for the Dutch telematics giant. Not resting on our laurels, we have been helping them create and launch one pioneering products after another over the past 13 years.

The Spark fitness watch ushered in a relevant and progressive product story, a new hardware platform, as well as much appreciated momentum to the TomTom product team. Hot on the heels of the Spark range, we were asked to envision and create an offering to replace the successful 1st generation Golfer – within a handful of months, the aptly named Golfer 2 was born.

Against the backdrop of an ultra-competitive wearables market, especially in the golf sector, we needed to create something sophisticated and engaging, sympathising with the original Golfer yet conveying progression and continued improvements.

The modular watch unit gave us a solid framework to explore within. We started with embellishing the strap with hole-details, colours and textures to reflect the ever-evolving golf trends, but with the ultimate goal of an everyday watch in mind, we decided to strip it all back to a plain strap, utilising “hidden” groove details on the inside of the strap to help wick away sweat, and a minimal low-profile deployant clasp to keep visible strap holes to a minimum. This ensures that the focus is solely on the graphical watch face, accented with metallic highlights around the bezel and navigation touch points on what is a minimal and understated, yet highly functional and technical object.