Golfer GPS golf watch

'Know every inch of the course'

TomTom Golfer


TomTom Golfer is a GPS sports watch designed to make it easier for players to improve their game. The GPS automatically finds nearby courses and dynamically adjusts data to each hole in play, with critical course information shown at-a-glance, helping make smarter decisions for better shots. Unique and specific graphics clearly pinpoint distances to hazards and layups and the best approach to the green.

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TomTom Golfer by therefore

therefore has been TomTom’s product design partner from the very beginning, designing the world’s first all-in-one Personal Navigation Device (PND) for the Dutch telematics giant. Not resting on our laurels, we have been helping them create and launch one pioneering products after another over the past 13 years.

Shortly after creating a range of award-winning sports watches for TomTom in 2013, therefore was tasked with expanding the range into specialist sports, with golf the enticing choice (having many enthusiastic and capable golfers in the studio certainly helped champion the cause!).

In order to engage the golf market, we felt the need to “mature” the running-watch feel in the 1st generation range. We set out to slim down and simplify the overall stance of the watch, starting with the strap and settling on a metal bezel in order to reduce size yet maintain mechanical strength.

The modular waterproof watch module, based off the 1st generation product platform, is independent of the ultra-slim strap, comfortably fitting male and female wrists. The dual-shot, plush silicone-alloy rubber strap, paired with the CNC precision of the satin aluminium watch bezel, create a fresh and sophisticated design aesthetic for golfers. The flexible strap system also allows for further customisation and material selection – including hand-crafted Italian leather!