All Terrain Holdall



Trailpod is a go-anywhere, adaptable holdall with all-terrain wheels, designed around the real world of gravel, grass, mud, sand and curbs. Trailpod has a tough, impact resistant exoskeleton with three rugged wheels and a modular bag system to adapt to your activity.

Trailpod uses patented Camba wheel technology which allows it to effortlessly carry your heavy gear over uneven ground. Camba’s novel suspension combines a hemispherical wheel with a ‘floating’ independent axle system. The large footprint of the hemi-spherical wheel spreads the load so they don’t sink or dig into soft surfaces. The floating axle allows the wheel to overcome obstacles that smaller fixed axles fail to manage.

Trailpod has three big wheels so it’s always stable and rolling whatever the obstacle.

Image showing an overview of Trailpod