Music Player & Digital Radio



therefore have worked with Unforgettable to design a unique adaptable music player and digital radio, designed from direct insight of those living with dementia to independently enjoy their favourite music and radio stations.

The innovative interface is easily personalised for the perfect level of simplicity to suit individuals. Coloured button sets can be rotated to reveal or conceal controls on a tumbler mechanism as required, to mitigate user confusion. Music is beneficial in many ways and in combination with a personalised playlist, this player can be life changing, creating personal connections between caregivers and those living with dementia.

The Music Player is Unforgettableā€™s first bespoke product, designed with knowledge gained through 3 years of selling 3rd party products in their marketplace. It offers greater desirability, effectiveness and value for money than the alternatives. It was a Dementia Care Awards 2018 finalist, has becomeĀ‘s best-selling product and received fantastic feedback from customers.

Image showing an overview of Unforgettable