Zenaura Packaging

For Trio & Pearls

Zenaura Packaging


therefore continued to work with Zenaura to bring the unboxing experience of the smart home fragrance system to life.

Upon initial purchase, the chosen diffuser and fragrance pearls would be sold together in a starter pack, to allow the product to be used straight out of the box. Beyond this, the service would become a subscription based, delivering 3 fragrance pearls every 2 months.

The packaging needed to have a luxury feel, representing the quality of the brand whilst being effectively robust to protect the product in transit. It also serves to keep the fragrance securely sealed, and therefore fresh, until it reaches your door, prolonging the life of the fragrance.

Details such as the textured cloth wrap, metallic embossed logo, luxurious tissue paper and origami user manual enhances the premium unboxing experience for the user. The pearls often last longer than the next delivery in the subscription, therefore, the packaging doubles up as a storage and display case, constructing a multi-purpose, compact design. This creates a library of fragrances and allows the user to store the different pearls in rotation.

The packaging is intended to be kept but measures such as not using glue inside the box and using paper moulding instead of plastic works with Zenaura’s sustainable brand message.

Image showing an overview of Zenaura Packaging