Smart scenting for the home

Zenaura Trio & Pearls


therefore have worked with Zenaura on the holistic development of the project – from initial creative workshop through to app design and CAD definition.

Zenaura is a smart home fragrance solution, revolutionising how we incorporate fragrance into our personal space, whether that be home, office or business. Using dry fragrance technology, Zenaura ensures a safe atmosphere that avoids the risk of flames and the mess of liquids.

Because Zenaura is a smart system, the fragrance can be controlled completely at any time, from anywhere. This ensures that the fragrances selected are tailored to any room & uniquely immersive, but never overwhelming. Not only does the app control the choice of fragrance, strength, scheduling and mixing, it will also encourage you to buy new pearls when the fragrance level is running low.

Within the range of 20 inspiring fragrances, there are 9 mixing fragrances to choose from that contain the purest essential oils known for their benefits to help relax, de-stress, energise, focus and promote sleep.

therefore designed the packaging to reflect the same user experience the Zenaura smart system achieves.

Zenaura Trio & Pearls